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Bushfire 2016

Publications and Resources

A large habitat tree (Eucalyptus racemosa) protected during a hazard reduction burn conduction by Sunshine Coast Regional Council, at Doonan Creek Bushland Conservation Reserve , in July 2009. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Coast Regional Council

QFBC Publications

Living with fire - Recommended fire regimes 

This fact sheet summarises the fire regime concept, how many of our Australian landscapes are shaped by differing fire regimes, what are the recommended fire regimes for SE Queensland's broad vegetation groups and the importance of landscape fire management planning for both biodiversity conservation and for the protection of life and property. 

Recommended Fire Regimes Recommended Fire Regimes (4417 KB)

Fire management guidelines for different vegetation types referred to in the fact sheet as the Regional Ecosystem Description Database can be found here.

Living with fire – Native Wildlife

Provides some general information on fire ecology and discusses the reasons why fire management is required to maintain biodiversity conservation.

Living with fire: native wildlife Living with fire: native wildlife (1490 KB)

Fire Ecology Booklet

Are you really intrigued about the role of fire in the landscape? Then, this document is for you. This booklet contains a more comprehensive discussion on the ecological role of fire, and management implications required to maintain and conserve biodiversity in the Australian landscape.
Currently under review but is still available for download. 

Fire Ecology Booklet Fire Ecology Booklet (1091 KB)

Living in Somerset Handbook

Somerset Regional Council in partnership with QFBC and Healthy Waterways and Catchments have produced a FREE (to download) comprehensive property management handbook fro landholders within Somerset Regional Council Area. The Handbook covers a variety of topics including fire and grazing, fire and weeds, soil erosion, pests remnant vegetation and many more. Download your FREE copy here.  

Living in Somerset Living in Somerset (3433 KB)


QFBC Manuals

A hazard reduction burn undertaken by Sunshine Coast Regional Council at Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens, in September 2010. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Property Fire Management Planning Kit

This Property Fire Management Planning Kit – Part A User Manual and Part B Workbook has been prepared for use by landholders and land managers in Queensland by the Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (QFBC). It is strongly advised that the User Manual | Part A and Workbook | Part B are completed with reference to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) resources on property protection, currently known as Prepare Act Survive, and by attending a QFBC  Property Fire Management Planning Workshop. To find out more about upcoming QFBC workshops in your area, visit the events page on this website, http://www.fireandbiodiversity.org.au/events.html, or contact Craig on craig.w@hlw.org.au

"Whether you live in a city, on the urban fringe or in regional or rural Queensland, it is essential that you have a Bushfire Survival Plan." QFES

Bushfire Survival Plan - create you own here. 

Property Fire Mgt Planning Kit - Part A User Manual Property Fire Mgt Planning Kit - Part A User Manual (5016 KB)

Property Fire Mgt Planning Kit - Part B Workbook Property Fire Mgt Planning Kit - Part B Workbook (1912 KB)

Property Fire Mgt Planning Kit - Part B Interactive Workbook Property Fire Mgt Planning Kit - Part B Interactive Workbook (2264 KB)

Powerline Easements fire and biodiversity supplement Powerline Easements fire and biodiversity supplement (3829 KB)

AS 3959 is the Australian Standard for buildings in bushfire prone areas. Australian Standards also have an online calculator to assess your own bushfire attack levels that is covered in AS 3959.

To find a Bushfire Consultant (BPAD), accredited through Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA) who provide professional advice on bushfire assessment, planning, design and advice services, please follow the link below.

FPA accredited Bushfire Consultants

Horses & Bushfires - If you have horses and want to learn more about how to protect your horses from the threat of bushfires please follow the links in "Other Resources" below to find out more.  

Fire Monitoring Manual

This document provides you with a better understanding of the crucial three-way link between land management, biodiversity and fire. Monitoring the impacts of fire in and on the landscape are critically important, but we need to know the right questions to ask and how to properly assess them. If you have pondered these questions, then this is the right document for you.

Fire Monitoring Manual Fire Monitoring Manual (1841 KB)

Operational Fire Manual

This document provides useful operational guidelines to help you to plan and conduct prescribed burns on your property should you deem it appropriate, for either the purposes of hazard reduction or ecological requirements. There are guidelines for preparing fire-lines, determining and recording weather conditions, understand fire-behaviour and conducting burns in the safest manner possible to achieve desired outcomes.

Ensure you contact the QFRS before commencement of a prescribed burn as you will require a permit to light. Know your obligations when using fire on your property, Lighting fires in Queensland.  

It is recommended that you also seek expert input if you are contemplating a prescribed burn, talk to your local rural fire brigade, local government authority, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, or the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Operational Fire Manual Operational Fire Manual (2045 KB)

Strategic Fire Management Manual

This document provides information for large land management agencies, such as local governments to plan and devise a city wide fire management strategy.

Under Review. While much of the content is relevant some of the information is currently outdated.

Strategic Fire Management Manual Strategic Fire Management Manual (1879 KB)

QFBC Fire Ecology Research reports and guidelines

SEQ Roadside Burning Guidelines

In 2011, the SEQ Catchments Members Association (SEQCMA) considered a proposed policy paper on the issue of fuel load management on council-controlled roadside reserves. Specifically, the issue of private landholders wishing to burn council or state managed roadsides (adjoining their own private properties), for hazard reduction purposes.

In recognizing that this was a critical community, fire and biodiversity, issue, the SEQCMA asked SEQ Catchments to refer this matter to the Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (QFBC). It was then that QFBC was asked to meet with the relevant bodies and draft a procedure that councils, state departments and other land managers could use to more efficiently manage requests for burning on roadside reserves.

As outlined in the project report, authored by Samantha Lloyd, the Coordinated Agency Model (CAM) for roadside burning is working very well in the Toowoomba region. The QFBC are very supportive of CAM as it allows landholders to work with their local Rural Fire Brigade and local government to manage roadside fuel hazards, whilst protecting biodiversity values.

Literature review

This was a review of existing literature on fire ecology, and recommended interfire frequencies for a number of vegetation ecosystems in southeast Queensland in the year 2000.

Literature review Literature review (1023 KB)

Ecological guidelines

A succinct review of the role of fire, this report includes refined recommendations of interfire frequencies for vegetation types that occur in southeast Queensland. These recommendations are founded from evidence-based research in Australia.

Ecological guidelines Ecological guidelines (444 KB)

Other Useful Publications

Horses and Bushfire

At our Individual Property Fire Management Planning workshops we are often asked by property owners about what can they do to protect their horses from the threat of bushfires. 
Following are is a great resources from QFES on horses and bushfires: https://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/BushFire_Safety/Pages/Horses.aspx

AFAC Bushfire Glossary

The Bushfire Glossary was put together by the Rural and Land Management Group for the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) Agencies to promote a common language between agencies and land managers and was last updated in January 2012.

Interactions between Climate Change, Fire Regimes and Biodiversity in Australia: A Preliminary Assessment 2011

This assessment was commissioned by the Australian Government to help increase our understanding of the complex interactions between climate change, fire regimes and biodiversity for future fire management.
Click here for more information.

Overall fuel hazard assessment guide 4th Edition July 2010

We have provided here for your convenience a free PDF copy of the 4th Edition Overall fuel hazard assessment guide and the Field Assessment Field Work Form v3. 

Overall fuel hazard assessment guide 4th ed Overall fuel hazard assessment guide 4th ed (1844 KB)

Overall fuel hazard assessment field work form Overall fuel hazard assessment field work form (31 KB)

Fire Guidelines for Spotted Gum-Ironbark forests 2007.

This guide was created in 2007 to assist landholders in the Management of Fire within Spotted Gum- Iron Bark forest types with implications on forest production, grazing and biodiversity. 

Using fire in spotted gum - ironbark forests for production and biodiversity outcomes Using fire in spotted gum - ironbark forests for production and biodiversity outcomes (727 KB)

Flame Grilled Special

Flame Grilled Special: how Australian animals find food after bushfires - with thanks to Wildlife Australia (published through the Wildlife Preservation of Australia)

Flame Grilled Special Flame Grilled Special (355 KB)

Soils and Fire

A number of publications that refer to fire and its effects on soil structure and ecological processes:

  • Restoration of fire-affected soils - FLAMMA Volume 4 (1) 2013 Special Issue.
  • Fire Effects on the Soil System  - International Journal of Wildland Fire - Volume 14 Number 4 2005
  • Fire regimes and soil-based ecological processes: implications for biodiversity - York, A., Bell, T.L. & Weston, C. (2012) Fire regimes and soil-based ecological processes: implications for biodiversity Pp. 127-148 in R.A. Bradstock, R.J. Williams & A.M. Gill (Eds.) Flammable Australia: Fire Regimes and Biodiversity in a Changing World.  CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria.
  • Impact of fire on soil life and nutrients - Agriculture Today 2006 - NSW Government.