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Bushfire 2016

Introducing the Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium

After 20 years of operation, as the result of a comprehensive strategic planning process, and with the support of our partners and Healthy Land and Water, the South East Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium has broadened its delivery to become the Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (QFBC), thus reflecting an increased demand from landholders and stakeholders for the high-quality products and services provided by the QFBC.

Established in 1998, as one of the oldest collaborative fire programs in Australia, the success and value of the QFBC is underscored by a collaborative, tenure blind approach to fire management. The QFBC is a network of land managers and stakeholders committed to improving fire and biodiversity management outcomes, supporting and distributing fire ecology research, facilitating partnerships between key stakeholders and building the capacity of land managers and private land owners to address issues of fire management and biodiversity in the SEQ region and across Queensland.

Whilst the main focus will remain in South East Queensland (SEQ), this change will better facilitate opportunities to engage with the wider Queensland community.  Dr Samantha Lloyd, Manager of the QFBC said “We have a number of state-based partners and requests for our services and resources outside of SEQ continue to increase.  This change will allow us to better support stakeholders across Queensland and assist in facilitating improved fire management knowledge and practices, landscape health, and resilient communities across Queensland.  The prospect of engaging with the wider Queensland community will enrich our network and strengthen our support base”, Dr Lloyd said.

The QFBC is a program of Healthy Land and Water.  Healthy Land and Water is an independent not-for-profit organisation and the regional delivery body for the Federal Governments’ National Regional Land Partnerships program.  Healthy Land and Water works in partnership with Traditional Owners, government, private industry, utilities and the community, to deliver innovative and science-based solutions to the challenges affecting the environment. For more information, please visit: www.hlw.org.au; email: info@hlw.org.au; or call: (07) 3177 9100.

Edited 17 August 2020

Posted 28 May 2020 

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